Wellness Care

If you’re a caring pet owner, you probably consider your pets as family members. You want to see them enjoy a long, healthy life, and suffer as little as possible. Wellness care is the answer to making this possible. By being proactive rather than reactive to health care concerns, we can detect illnesses or health conditions early, which means treatment can often be more effective. Good, comprehensive wellness care can also prevent many diseases and health conditions from occurring to begin with.

Wellness Exams

At Alliance Animal Hospital, we believe that routine wellness care visits can add years to your pet’s life, as well as dramatically improving quality of life. By monitoring your pet’s health over time, we can identify health issues or concerns before they become difficult to manage.

Our veterinary team at Alliance Animal Hospital has extensive knowledge in the care of a wide variety of animal species, from pocket pets to exotics, both large and small. We are proficient in geriatric care as well, with the knowledge to provide your senior pet with the most comfortable, pain free life possible in their twilight years. No matter what your individual pet’s species, whether young or aging, we can provide wellness care to fit their needs. It is our mission to keep our client’s pets in optimal health throughout their lives.

Here is what you can expect at a typical visit:

  1. We’ll perform an overall physical exam, checking ears, nose, throat, mouth, teeth, and skin, to be certain there are no areas of concern.
  2. We’ll listen to the heart and lungs to be certain they are functioning normally, and check the abdomen for any abnormalities.
  3. Depending on your pet’s age, health concerns, or other criteria, the doctor may recommend diagnostic testing, such as urinalysis or blood work, to make a better evaluation.

Vaccination Services

We believe in a balanced approach to vaccinations. That’s why at Alliance Animal Hospital, we recommend core vaccinations in accordance with recommendations from the American Animal Hospital Association, which they recommend for all pets. It is important to us to work closely with you to keep your pet safe from serious, often life threatening diseases. Depending on your pet’s exposure due to their environment, we may recommend non-core vaccines as well. These are things we’ll discuss with you during your first appointment, along with advice on concerns such as parasite prevention, weight management, good nutrition, behavioral issues, etc.


Unfortunately, even with the most stringent preventative care, medical conditions are likely to occur. Wellness care makes it possible for us to diagnose onset of diseases or health issues early, so that we can begin treatment before things become less manageable. Not only does early detection improve your pet’s prognosis, but chances are the treatment plan when detected early will be less costly for you.

Making regular visits to your veterinarian will help put your mind at ease about your pet’s well-being. Just as importantly, your pet will be more at ease in a familiar surrounding, and have a good relationship with our compassionate and caring staff. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions of concern about your pet’s health and well-being. We look forward to getting to know you and your beloved pet!