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OFA X-Rays are usually conducted without sedation!
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Our goal is to be your partner for success with your kennel and breeding program. Our highly trained staff understand the commitment you have made to your breed. We are here to help you produce healthy, sought after puppies. Whether you are producing Best in Show conformation dogs, Performance dogs, or family pets, we strive to keep your whelping boxes full of healthy puppies and happy dams, and your stud dogs thriving and preserved for the future.

A Guide To Responsible Breeding

Use the following resources as a guide to breeding by downloading the Full Guide or by following each step for more information below. You may also want to view the AKC webinar on Planning Breedings: Are you ready to breed a litter?

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Breeding Soundness Counseling for Dam and Stud Dog

Dam: Keeping the whole dog healthy is essential to fertility and conception. Prior to being bred, dams should have a comprehensive physical examination, complete parasite screening, brucellosis testing, proper immunizations, and wellness testing in some cases. Balanced nutrition is critical, and counseling is available.

Stud Dog: Maintaining the overall health of a stud dog is the cornerstone to a successful breeding program.  In addition to regular parasite screening, immunizations, and wellness care, we provide consultation and testing for Brucellosis, semen collection and analysis, and prostate evaluation.

Breed Specific Health Clearances/OFA Sedation Free

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals provides guidelines for genetic and conformational clearances based on breed, as recommended by breed parent clubs (  We believe these clearances are an obligatory part of responsible breeding.

Our digital radiography equipment allows for timely results of x-ray evaluations from OFA.  Additionally, many other clearances can be performed in the office during physical examination, and blood tests drawn and submitted when needed. In most cases, x-rays are taken without giving any sedative due to our gentle but precise technique. We are committed to sending the best possible representation of your dog to the OFA.

Ovulation Timing In-House, Accurate Results

The most common reason for perceived infertility is breeding at the wrong time. We provide in house, same day progesterone testing using Enzyme Linked Florescent Assay to properly determine ovulation. By knowing when the bitch ovulates, we can breed during her most fertile period and improve conception rates and litter size.

Assisted Natural Breeding

For the shy stud dog, reluctant bitch, or new breeder we can assist in natural breeding to ensure safety and proper natural tie.

Artificial Insemination

When natural breeding is not possible or not desired, we can perform vaginal artificial insemination.  This affords the option to breed to non-local stud dogs through the use of fresh chilled semen shipped directly to the clinic.

Prior to it’s use, the semen can be evaluated for viability to increase the chance of conception. Mavic catheters are available if desired.

Surgical AI

When using frozen semen, poor quality semen, or if a bitch is an advanced age or has had missed breeding’s, surgical insemination is an excellent option.  This is a quick surgical procedure which allows full visual inspection of the uterus and ovaries.

Semen is then deposited directly onto the eggs at the tips of the uterine horns, which is where fertilization occurs.  Success rates for this procedure are very good and recovery time is typically 30-45 minutes.  Bitches are not painful, have no external sutures, and resume normal activity within a few hours.

Pregnancy Diagnosis

28 days after ovulation we can ultrasound the uterus to diagnose pregnancy. We can see fetal heartbeats and give an approximate number of live fetuses. Palpation is also available, but cannot ensure viability.

Relaxin hormone testing can be done on a blood sample, but cannot ensure viability, may be false negative with a small litter or false positive if a litter has been resorbed. Ultrasound is the earliest and best option, is safe for dam and puppies, and can be performed in the office while you watch.

Puppy Count X-Ray

One week before the due date an x-ray can be taken to show the number of fetuses in the uterus. This is a critical step for anyone planning to whelp a litter at home.

Knowing how many puppies are expected can make the difference between life and death for those puppies in the event uterine inertia or dystocia develop.

Prenatal Management

Nutrition of the pregnant bitch is of the utmost importance to a healthy litter and dam.  We recommend feeding a high quality, balanced diet for the duration of pregnancy. Depending on the dam’s body condition, an increase in calories of 30% during the final 3 weeks of pregnancy is often the only change needed.

NEVER supplement calcium during pregnancy, NEVER feed raw to a pregnant bitch, and be sure to ask us about any nutritional supplements and treats you feed.  We recommend Purina ProPlan diets, which we carry in the office with competitive pricing and our loyalty program.

Whelping Consultation and Management, Including Planned C-Section

Deciding how your bitch should deliver her puppies can be very stressful. We can discuss history of your bitch, family history, litter size, and breed predisposition in order to help you make a safe choice. For our breeder clients, we are often able to consult after hours if needed. Planning a c-section is quickly becoming the healthiest option for whelping many breeds.

Appropriate timing for a planned c-section is based on initial ovulation timing as well as progesterone level and fetal heart rates the day of surgery. Bitches arrive to the hospital calm and comfortable, are safely placed under anesthesia, recover smoothly without external sutures or staples, and bond naturally and immediately with their puppies. Our precise protocol for anesthesia and surgery of a c-section results in rapid recovery and normal milk production with adequate pain control for the dam.

Puppies are delivered into a warm, oxygen rich environment where they are recovered by trained veterinary professionals in the operating room. They are examined by a veterinarian immediately, weighed, identified, and nurse as soon as they are ready. Breeders/Owners are encouraged to participate in the delivery and recovery of puppies and dam. All puppies nurse, urinate and defecate, and dams are fully awake and heading home within 1-2 hours of arrival.

Neonatal and Pediatric Health

Newborn puppies have very specific requirements for nutrition, fluids, and warmth.  They have little to no protection from infection and depend on their mothers for antibodies and energy. Daily weight checks and observation of behavior are important measures to protect your puppies.

We can help with tube feeding, plasma or serum administration, and antibiotics when needed.  We understand that your newborn puppies represent your past, present, and future, and we are here to help them stay healthy and develop into your next generation.

Care for Postpartum Dam

After the successful growth and delivery of her fetuses, your bitch’s body still has lots of work to do.  Feeding puppies is very taxing physiologically, and nutritional requirements can double or even triple when puppies are 2-3 weeks old.

Also, the risk of mastitis, metritis, and hypocalcemia are real and present.  Let us help guide you in caring for your brood bitch to keep her healthy for her next litter.

Stud Dog Management

Owning and caring for a stud dog presents a unique set of requirements. Stud dogs are often expected to fix what’s wrong and maintain what’s right. We understand the pressure this puts on you and we can help protect your dog’s future. Stud dogs should be maintained in an overall healthy state with a premium diet, be regularly screened for parasites, and have routine brucellosis tests and wellness examinations.

Prostate problems or poor semen quality are common issues, and we are skilled at evaluation and treatment of these and other stud dog disorders. Semen and prostate cultures, testicular biopsies, prostate ultrasound and management of prostatitis are some of the stud dog services we provide. We maintain digital records and photographs of semen collections and reports, and can provide these to you as needed.

Shipping of Fresh Chilled Semen

When it comes to having your stud dog collected for shipment we are ready and available. We understand that there are often last minute requests for shipments and we are pleased to offer FedEx pick ups until 6pm (local drop off until 8pm). We carry Zoetis Fresh Express and Minitube ChillGuard semen extenders, and we always have shipping boxes in stock and frozen.

Our staff and doctors can always fit our stud dogs in for collection for shipment. We provide full analysis along with any shipment in order to protect your stud dog’s reputation. We are happy to accept phone payments from bitch owners.

Semen extenders, shipping boxes, and AI kits are also available for purchase.

Transcervical Insemination (TCI)

Fresh, Chilled, or frozen semen can be used with this popular method. Bitches are awake and generally tolerate the procedure very well. A rigid scope, or camera, is introduced to visualize the vaginal canal and cervix. A catheter is then passed into the uterus, where semen is deposited and is immediately available to fertilize eggs.

Success rate using TCI is greater than 90% and presents an excellent option for most bitches.

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Chilled Semen Form

Dog Reproduction in Lancaster NYZoetis Certified Freezing Center – Semen Freezing and Storage

Keep your stud dog available for breeding for future generations!

As a Zoetis freezing center, we provide an expert team to preserve your dog’s genetic future. You can count on the secure, proven, and reliable experience of Zoetis (formerly Synbiotics). We offer semen freezing on a monthly basis and provide on site storage as well as storage at the secure, state of the art Zoetis facility located in Kansas City, Missouri. We take pride in the quality of our work and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our expertly trained staff are familiar with the proper testing and documentation needed to ship semen internationally. Requirements vary by importing nation and must be explored as early as possible in the process. At the time of freezing, please be sure to let us know if you are planning an international shipment as some testing may need to be performed prior to freezing in order to avoid wasting valuable frozen samples.